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Take Control of Your Future

401k choices can be confusing and overwhelming. EZTracker‘s goal is to eliminate the guesswork and help you manage your 401k to reach your long-term financial goals. Since 2002 we’ve helped thousands manage their 401ks with superior results. 

How Does EZTracker work?

Every month EZTracker publishes three model portfolios, data about the choices in your 401k, an overview of the current market, and timely investment information.  As a subscriber you can follow one of the model portfolios or you can use our data to construct your own portfolio. EZTracker is designed to meet your individual investment style and need.

On the last Sunday of each month we’ll send you an e-mail announcing the new issue of EZTracker.  Just download your copy and update your 401k portfolio. It’s that easy. We provide simple instructions and a FREE Help Hotline to get you started -- and to keep you on track.

Your Risk Quotient and the Portfolios

Before choosing an EZTracker portfolio to follow, you must determine your Risk Quotient.  Ask yourself five questions: How far am I from retiring? What are my financial obligations until then? How much money do I need for the lifestyle I envision? How much risk can I afford? How much risk am I comfortable with?  You must be comfortable with your investment strategy.   

You should carefully assess your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.  For help thinking about your ability and comfort with risk, we suggest using a free risk quiz developed by our friends at Friedenthal Financial:  Risk Tolerance Quiz

Each of EZTracker's four model portfolios is designed for different investment needs and styles. Whether you’re an aggressive, moderate or conservative investor, EZTracker has a portfolio for you.

Our Philosophy

An investment strategy should be measured one way: Results over time.  Not one-week, one-month, not even one-year. By evaluating the performance of your 401k funds and upgrading every month, EZTracker follows market leadership. EZTracker‘s monthly updating is, in effect, another form of diversification and a method for moving assets incrementally. Our goal is to deliver long-term superior results by seeking the best performance that reflects current market conditions.


EZTracker began publishing the 401k newsletter for Republic Airways on September 30, 2018. 


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