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Following the success of our EZTracker401k newsletters at American, Amazon, Southwest, JetBlue, UPS, FedEx, and 15+ more companies, many subscribers asked us to provide a similar service for their non-401k investments (IRA, brokerage accounts, HSA, etc). EZTrackerETF was introduced in 2004 to help our subscribers with their IRAs and other investment portfolios.

Why ETFs?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are like mutual funds — baskets of securities that offer diversified exposure. But unlike mutual funds, ETFs can be bought and sold throughout the trading day like stocks. ETFs are designed to mirror the performance of a particular market index. Because ETFs are composed of multiple holdings, they offer an easy way to diversify with a single purchase. The major advantages of ETFs over mutual funds are improved liquidity, lower expenses and no trading restrictions.

Your Risk Quotient and The Portfolios

EZTrackerETF provides information on more than 400 Exchange Traded Funds. We originally constructed model portfolios for commission-free choices at Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, and AmeriTrade.  Now that most all major brokerage houses have gone commission-free, EZTracker has consolidate these down to three (Aggressive, Moderate, or Conservative) in 2020.  Investors can also construct their own portfolios at any brokerage firm of their choice using our monthly performance and ranking data sorted by best performing ETF as well as categories by specific sector.

You should carefully assess your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. For help thinking about your ability and comfort with risk, we suggest a free risk quiz developed by our friends at Friedenthal Financial:  Risk Tolerance Quiz.This is especially important for portfolios that represent a significant part of your total investments.

The EZTrackerETF Aggressive model portfolio carries a high level of risk (95% equity/5% bond); the EZTrackerETF Moderate model portfolios take a moderate investing approach and typically target a 70% equity/30% bond allocation; the EZTrackerETF Conservative model portfolio targets a 40% equity/60% bond allocation.

How Does EZTracker ETF work?

EZTrackerETF works just like EZTracker401k. Every month we update our ETF model portfolios, give you performance data on over 400 ETFs, an overview of the current market, and timely investment information. As a subscriber you can follow one of the model portfolios or you can use our data to construct your own portfolio.  CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE ETF DIRECTIONS

On the last Sunday of each month we’ll send you an email announcing the new issue of EZTrackerETF. Download your copy and update your portfolio. It’s that easy. We provide simple instructions and a free Help Hotline (201-503-6445) to get you started -- and to keep you on track.

Our Philosophy

By evaluating the performance of 400+ ETFs and upgrading every month EZTrackerETF follows the market leadership. EZTracker's monthly updating is, in effect, another form of diversification and a method for moving assets incrementally. Our goal is to deliver long-term superior results by seeking out the best performance that reflects current market conditions.


EZTracker began publishing the EZTrackerETF newsletter in 2004.