EZTracker 401k

EZTracker's goal is to remove the guesswork from your 401k choices. At last, you can take control of your own 401k. No more feeling overwhelmed and under-informed.


By reporting the performance of each fund in your 401k in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format, everyone can make informed choices to fit their retirement goals.


The EZTracker 401k newsletter provides expert information about your choices every month and delivers superior long-term results.


EZTracker has customized portfolios for employees at American, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, Envoy, Spirit, and UPS.



The EZTrackerETF newsletter helps you manage your non-401k investments. It could be just right for your IRA. We analyze more than 250 ETFs every month to identify the best-performing funds in an ever-changing marketplace.

The ETF newsletter has six model portfolios, including commission-free portfolios from Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard and Ameritrade.

ETFs provide the same wide range of alternatives as mutual funds but with better liquidity, no restrictions and lower management costs.



Risk Assessment Quiz

EZTracker is is a publisher of financial information. We are not financial advisors. As publishers, we cannot provide individual investment advice nor recommendations about which of our model portfolios to follow. However, EZTracker subscribers can use a Risk Tolerance Quiz (developed by Friedenthal Financial) to help you decide which model portfolio you should follow. No personal information (name, email, phone, etc.) is required to take the quiz. Your privacy is protected.

Note: The principals of EZTracker hired Friedenthal Financial to help manage their retirement assets and are affiliated with Friedenthal Financial as Independent Advisor Representatives.

Who We Are

EZTracker was the idea of Henry Michael DiBerardino and Paul Burger, friends and business associates for more than 35 years. In 2002, they founded EZTracker, a publisher of company-specific 401k information knowing that too often information about 401ks is lacking or too difficult for employees to decipher. By removing the confusion from 401k choices, they helped thousands of people take control and responsibility for their own financial futures.

In 2006 EZTrackerETF became the logical expansion of this idea and was developed in response to EZTracker’s 401k subscribers asking for help in managing their non-401k portfolios.

DiBerardino was a 30-year employee of American Airlines and retired as an American Airlines captain. He has a long-standing interest in personal finance having begun his career as a licensed securities dealer with Bache Halsey Stuart in Philadelphia more than 35 years ago.

Paul Burger was a principal and Chief Operating Officer/Financial Officer for a large Philadelphia advertising firm and taught at several universities. Burger's interest in personal finance also dates back to Bache Halsey Stuart in Philadelphia, where he was a licensed securities dealer and met DiBerardino.