ETF Bonds

Managing your ETF Portfolio -- Bonds

Some subscribers will want to make adjustments to the EZTracker Aggressive and Balanced ETF model portfolios to reflect an approach more in line with their ability and comfort to take risk with their investments. This may mean adjusting either the percentage allocated to bonds or the duration, type or credit quality of the bond ETFs they hold. This is especially important for portfolios that represent a significant part of a total investments.

The following bond ETFs are available on a commission-free basis through Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard and Ameritrade. Review this information along with the monthly performance data included in the monthly newsletter.  There is a good amount of additional information available on each of these bond alternatives -- Morningstar ( and etfdb ( are two good sources.

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Vanguard Bond ETFs.jpg

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Notes:* NR. Not Rated

**Municipal Bond ETFs are not appropriate for IRA or other tax advantaged accounts

Government includes State and Local Government

Data updated February 13, 2016